The Clear Path
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The Clear
Path Paper


We take the stress and frustration out of the creative process by providing consistent, quality-driven cardstock to the crafting community.


Clear Path Paper was founded in Philadelphia, PA in June 2016 by an online candy entrepreneur and a longtime paper manufacturer. They saw that the process of choosing cardstock online could be mazelike and needlessly stressful, so they formed a company to make the process easier. Since then, we have found ourselves blessed to serve a group of people as innovative, friendly, and decent as the crafting community. In 2020, we moved into international markets and have continued to find ways to supply quality cardstock at reasonable prices to crafters all around the world.


Consistency is the bedrock of everything Clear Path Paper does. We carefully source our paper from a curated selection of mills and maintain close relationships with the people who work there so we can guarantee a consistent product. We then take great pains to make clear, accurate descriptions of our product available online so that the customer has a seamless and consistent experience every time.


From the beginning, Clear Path Paper was built on versatility, as our founders came from totally different professional backgrounds to create the company. It’s true that we really only sell one thing–really great cardstock–but unlike other cardstock, ours lends itself to many different uses. Clear Path cardstock is perfect for cutting, printing, scoring, stamping, tearing, folding, and more.


Call us old-fashioned, but we believe that the most satisfying business relationships are built on trust. We want you, the customer, to know you can trust us to always deliver exactly what you need. For this reason, we’ve chosen to maintain our small-business customer service standards while also serving as a middleman between you and Amazon, who stores and delivers our products quickly, safely, and reliably. 

We’ve done our due diligence in sourcing mills that understand Clear Path Paper and your needs.

With this trust, crafters can rely on Clear Path Paper and, more importantly, trust you will receive the supplies you need to create freely.