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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are simple answers to some commonly asked questions. For further inquiries, feel free to contact us.

Is your paper suitable for printing?2022-09-07T14:42:52-04:00

You should be able to print on any of our cardstock, including our Mirror, Glitter, and Parchment papers. If, however, you’re not sure you can print on a given paper then we suggest trying a test print of one sheet. If you run into any problems, feel free to contact us using the form on our homepage, and we’ll do our best to help you achieve the desired results.

Can I use your cardstock in my die-cutting machine (Cricut, Sizzix, etc.)?2022-09-07T16:57:25-04:00

Although understandably, Cricut and other die cutting machine companies will not guarantee the use of any paper they don’t sell, our customers tell us that our cardstock works very well in their machines. (We use one in our offices as well, and have always had great results.) If you ever have trouble using a specific weight or texture of our cardstock in your machine, please contact us using the form on our homepage, and we will assist you in finding the right settings to achieve your desired results.

How do I get a sample of one of your papers before I buy it?2022-08-03T09:32:22-04:00

We do not offer samples of our paper. However, our Swatch Books are inexpensive, handy, palm-sized tools that feature a small sample swatch of every color and finish in our cardstock portfolio. In addition, each individual swatch in the Swatch Book contains printed information about which sizes, weights, and sheet counts are available for that particular item. We recommend ordering one so you can always be sure you’re purchasing the exact cardstock you need.

What is the gsm of your paper?2022-09-07T16:59:29-04:00

As the majority of our sales occur in the United States, we list our paper weights in Standard Measurements (lbs). Here’s a handy conversion chart into metric measurements for purchases outside of the US.

Is your cardstock solid core?2022-09-07T17:00:30-04:00

Almost all of our color cardstock is solid core. This means that the color of the paper is the same throughout; if you rip or tear it, you will not see a white core. Exceptions include our Mirror and Glitter cardstock lines, which have a white backing.

Where are you located?2022-09-07T17:01:29-04:00

Our paper comes from mills all over the United States, Italy, and the UK, and our manufacturing is done in New Jersey. We’re  located just outside of Philadelphia, PA. We do not have a retail location or even central offices; as such, we cannot accept orders for pickup.

My package hasn’t arrived yet. May I have a refund?2020-06-26T09:16:12-04:00

Amazon has asked us to direct customers in this situation to the “Returns and Orders” section located near the top right corner of the homepage at, where you can request a refund.

How true are Clear Path’s paper colors to what I see on my computer screen?2020-06-26T09:12:47-04:00

We put a lot of thought into this very issue. We make every effort to accurately represent our colors online. However, because of variations in how individual computer monitors recreate those colors, there may be some small shade differences in what you see on your screen and our actual stock. You may even see slightly different colors on multiple devices: i.e., your phone vs. your computer. In order to get completely accurate results every time you order our paper, we recommend that you first order a Swatch Book, which contains a sample of every color and texture of paper in our portfolio.

The color I want is out of stock. When will it be available?2020-06-26T09:13:23-04:00

We’ve set up a page with real-time inventory information about each product we sell. You can find out what paper is in stock and when out-of-stock items will return here.

My shipment has arrived but includes damaged items. What should I do?2020-06-26T09:14:51-04:00

On Amazon’s home screen, click on “Returns and Orders” near the top right corner, find your Clear Path Paper order, and submit a request for a replacement or refund.

Where do I find my Amazon Order ID?2020-06-26T09:14:21-04:00

Click on the “Returns and Orders” button near the top right corner of the home screen at You’ll see a list of your past orders. Find the order in question–the order number is on the right side of the title bar above your order item.

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