It’s a common misconception among sighted people that crafting isn’t available as an activity for visually impaired people to enjoy.

But guess what? When crafting is made accessible, pretty much anyone can do it!

Some crafting techniques are already relatively simple for blind or visually impaired people to pick up through touch.

These include knitting, crocheting, cross stitching, pottery, weaving, needle felting, embroidery, painting, and many more!

In the land of cardstock crafting, there are plenty of techniques that don’t require many accommodations in order to be accessible to visually impaired people.

Some examples include quilling, paper marbling, and papermaking from recycled scraps.

Meanwhile, many slight accommodations can help visually impaired crafters realize their fullest potential.

For instance:

  • A very bright work light can help many partially sighted people. Playing around with the angle of the lamp can help, too.
  • Choosing cardstock in colors that are high in color contrast to one another can help people with partial impairment to see their projects better.
  • Similarly, white ink on black cardstock can make a world of difference to some visually impaired people.

But what if you’re a sighted crafter who wants to make the world of crafting even more accessible to visually impaired people in your family or social circles?

There’s plenty you can do!

  • You can design raised cross stitch patterns—this helps folks feel their way along as they work.

  • You can help your friend or loved one find the Braille section of their diecut or cutter machine software. Many of the machines on the market today can print in Braille, an important fact that can improve the unsighted person’s relationship to the craft.

  • You can teach yourself how to 3D photo transfer to plastic so that pictures in a scrapbook can be “seen” through touch.

Whether you’re a visually impaired person hoping to learn new crafting techniques or a sighted person trying to help blind folks craft, the most important thing to keep in mind is that with the right accommodations, most things are possible!

It helps to focus on what’s possible, not on your limitations.

We believe in you! Now get out there and Craft On.®

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