Hey, crafter! Have you heard the good news?

There’s a whole body of scientific research out there that studies the effects of crafting on mental health. And so far…the results are very good!

We haven’t located any studies yet that specifically observe cardstock crafters, but that’s OK! We don’t have to. So far, many reputable studies have shown that sewing and quilting can be effective in decreasing anxiety, increasing happiness, relieving stress, and elevating one’s mood—all of which can be effective in combating depression. Various handwork arts have also been shown to be helpful in combating feelings of isolation and loneliness.

This is all good news for sure. And in the crafting community, we’ve known it for centuries! From Eastern practices like meditative drawing and zen gardening to Colonial-era quilting bees, baking competitions, and sewing circles in the West, humans have for a long time made things with their hands just for fun and enjoyed the social and psychological benefits that came with it.

A 2019 research blog entry from the University of Arkansas points out that crafting not only helps with insomnia, grief, irritability, and restlessness, but that it also seems to both reduce the risk of cognitive decline as people get older and give comfort to patients who have been diagnosed with dementia. Sign us up!

And the potential social benefits of crafting are obvious. Whether you join crafters’ groups on Facebook, take or teach a class at a local crafting studio or public library, or meet up with fellow scrapbookers in your neighborhood for a monthly sip n’ scrap, it’s never too difficult to find other crafters who share your interests. Building relationships is a great way to safeguard your mental health.

As we head further into 2024, we hope you’re taking good care of yourself. Crafting with our cardstock is a good place to start. And be sure to tell your friends and loved ones about the health benefits of crafting!