Do you always bring a few crafting projects along with you when you take a vacation?

Do you find yourself wishing you had a few free days in a row with enough time to really dig into some special projects? Don’t you wish you could do it with other crafters or with friends who share your love for making things?

Maybe a crafting vacation is the answer!

Whether you:

  • plan the family vacation to coincide with a crafting convention,
  • visit family and friends in a location near a maker education center, or
  • meet up with other enthusiasts at a crafter’s getaway,

a makers’ getaway is a great way to relax and make unforgettable memories.

We scoured the internet and found some great lists of maker conventions, education centers, and crafters’ getaways. Check it out!


No matter where or when you travel, you’ll find opportunities to plan a visit that coincides with a craft show. Whether it’s a professional trade show or a convention geared towards the home crafter, there’s plenty to choose from. Here are a few examples:

Craftcation 2024 (Ventura, CA)

American Craft Council’s American Craft Made Convention 2024 (Baltimore, MD)

Pinners Conference (multiple locations)

Smithsonian Craft Show 2024 (Washington, D.C.)

Impressions Expo (multiple locations)

Stamp & Scrapbook Expo (multiple locations)

Crafters Convention 2024 (Collinsville, IL)

Maker Faires (multiple locations)

Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Events (multiple locations)

Crafting Education Centers

If you can find time to take a maker’s course at a local college, community center, museum, or arts center, fantastic! Many of us, though, only really find ourselves with free time on vacation. Of course, many of these education centers offer one- or two-day workshops or events that can become the centerpiece of your family holiday.

ACC’s roundup list – We’ve posted before about this amazing ongoing list of places all over the map that offer education in crafting techniques and appreciation. This link from the American Craft Council is a gold mine!

Penland School of Craft (Penland, NC) – a reader favorite for instruction for makers, by makers.

Touchland Center for Crafts (Farmington, PA) – a beloved community resource with weekend events designed specifically for destination crafters.

Arbutus Folk School (Olympia, WA) – A crafter’s campus in the Pacific Northwest for everything from Japanese calligraphy to group fiddle classes.

Crafting Education Academy (Melbourne, FL) – A staggering curriculum of opportunities for enrichment in the South.

Associated Builders and Contracters Registered Apprenticeship Programs – For those who want to take their love of handwork and turn it into a career, these apprenticeships can be a gateway to a new life.

And finally, Crafters’ Getaways

The idea of providing a dedicated vacation space for crafters to meet and relax with all the materials necessary to churn out a bunch of amazing projects is relatively new. We’ve pulled together a short list of suggestions, but keep your eyes peeled anytime you’re researching a potential vacation spot—you may be surprised at what you find!

Craftours – The gold standard of crafting tourism has something for everyone, from smaller local tours to international extravaganzas.

Great Women’s Vacations’ list of Craft Retreats – a good list that seems to be relatively well maintained. And no, you don’t have to be a woman to attend!

Condé Nast’s suggestions: This article’s approach basically takes a look at places where a particular crafting medium is very popular and suggests planning a vacation there. Speaking as a company situated just outside PA Dutch country, famous for its quilting culture: we think this isn’t a half bad idea!

Crafter Retreats (North Georgia) – Meet up with friends at these cozy cabins in Georgia wine country and craft, craft, craft!

Craft Council UK’s list of crafter’s retreats around the world – an international approach for those who want to travel the globe (and don’t mind checking a bag full of their cutting machine and cardstock).

If all else fails: Craft Happenings (The American Craft Council keeps this rotating list of upcoming arts and crafts shows at local museums and tourism centers. If you can’t find space or time to craft, you may be able to take in a gallery show!)

We hope you discover many exciting people, places, and craft experiences as you plan your journeys through life. If you have a crafter’s vacation experience, we’d love to hear about it! Drop us an email here or leave a note in the comments. Bon voyage!