Hey, it’s National Clean Up Your Room Day!

Which means it’s time for one of our favorite organizational hacks for your crafting space.

A lot of experts take the minimalist approach to organization: keep only what you absolutely need, and give the rest a new life with someone else. That’s a great strategy, but in the craft room, it doesn’t always work! We have a lot of stuff because…well, because we need it.

It took about three seconds of searching on the internet to find a photo of exactly what we wanted to suggest here: when you have a large collection of one type of crafting tool—like the stamps shown in the photo—find a way to display them as a collection! In a bookcase, on inexpensive wall-hung shelves, along a windowsill, you name it. As a crafter, you’re a creative person. Trust your instincts, think “showstopping display,” and get to work. We think you’ll love the results!

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