Water is one of our most precious resources.

By our own conservative estimates, Clear Path Paper saves approximately 25-40 gallons of water per 1,000 sq. ft. per day by not having dedicated office buildings. Our manufacturing takes place in a small area of an existing business in the US, but our entire labor force works remotely. Of course, this company structure contributes to employee satisfaction and reduces overhead for us, but it also allows us to do business without consuming any more resources than we need to.

Today, we’re celebrating our underconsumption of water by featuring DELUXE NAVY BLUE. All of our cardstock is made by mills that partner with water treatment entities to keep the nearby water supply safe, and in addition, our Deluxe Line is made by a mill that uses closed white water system loops in order to minimize water consumption.

Even better: this is one of the prettiest shades of Navy Blue we’ve ever released. Find it here.