Up, up, and away!

Are you comfortable enough in the crafting room that you’d be happy to demonstrate some simple techniques and projects in online videos for our newsletter, website, and social media? Do you have some way of taking video of yourself, including on a smart phone?

If so, we would love to talk. This is a paid gig. We’re not looking to hire someone to our staff, but instead to contract them to self-tape some short, easy videos. You don’t need to know how to edit the video or be a technical whiz. You just need to be relatively comfortable talking into a camera and showing folks how to use our cardstock. Maybe you’re interested in doing something on a weekly or monthly basis; maybe you only want to give it a try once or twice. Let’s talk about the many options we can pursue together.

Just shoot us an email at support@clearpathpaper.com with the subject SUPERHERO, and we’ll start a conversation. Everyone who messages us will receive a response and be thoroughly considered. We’re not necessarily looking for people who would see this as a career move, though some performance experience might be helpful; we’re looking for real people who want to share their love of crafting.