Tomorrow is VETERANS DAY here in the US.

As ever, we’re immeasurably grateful to those of you who have served in the armed forces, to your families and loved ones, and to the ones we’ve lost over the years.

Here’s a small, simple thing our followers can do to aid your local veterans’ support organization: request that we send a pack of donation cardstock. In the past, we’ve announced that we’ll always donate 500 sheets of random, mint-condition returned/discontinued cardstock to the school of your choice. Occasionally, someone has written us and asked if we would consider sending a pack to their local VFW, Auxiliary, etc. Sometimes members are making cards to send to veterans and/or their families; sometimes they’re looking for materials to make seasonal decorations for the lodge; or they may have many other uses for our cardstock. We always immediately say, “Absolutely.” Bring it on! If your veterans’ support organization could use a free box of cardstock, please fill out the request form below, and we’ll send it out as soon as we can. You won’t even have to pay for shipping.

Click here to submit a request. US only, please. While supplies last.