So much about crafting is not only free, but also priceless.

The way stress melts away, the thrill of creating something new, the satisfaction you get from giving someone a gift you made out of raw materials.

But let’s be real: who are we kidding? Crafting costs can add up.

That’s why we love this mega-post by — a treasure trove of freebies and free resources for crafters! (They’re also a pretty great site, especially if you like to work with textiles!) From printables to brushes, from paint chips to catalogs, they’ve got you covered.

Are we on this list? Are we being paid to promote it? No and no! We don’t give out free cardstock samples, because instead, we like you to be able to sample everything using our Swatch Book. The Swatch Book fits in the palm of your hand and contains a small sample of every single color and finish of cardstock that we sell. Each page contains printed information about the available sizes and sheet counts available for each item. 

And when your already inexpensive Swatch Book arrives, right under the front cover, you’ll find a coupon that gets you an Amazon gift card in the amount of the purchase price that you can use towards your next cardstock haul! So it’s basically…free!

Find your Swatch Book here.

Find the mega-post here.