Want a serious upgrade as a maker?

At Clear Path Paper, we sell cardstock—and that’s it! But we all know that for many crafters, cardstock is just one player in a league that includes textiles, vinyl, natural materials, acrylics, buttons and bows, paints, clay, styrofoam, ceramics, goop…there are just so many ways to be a maker! And of course in the crafting community, most of us like to try our hands with different materials, styles, and methods than the ones we’re most comfortable with.

Naturally, this means buying a ton of tools. This can get way too expensive way too quickly, especially if we’re just trying out a new hobby. Besides, sometimes the tools and machines we need require training and/or supervision by a professional. Do you have time for that? We sure don’t!

Luckily, in most parts of the US and abroad, it’s easy to find local tool libraries and makerspaces. Most of these organizations are available to the public.  Some offer annual, monthly, or daily memberships, and others are even free! Most tool libraries allow you to sign portable tools out and take them home, just like your local public library. Most makerspaces allow you to use all or some of their large machines (you may need to undergo training), and some even allow you to rent storage spaces or small studios where you can make things to your heart’s content.

Sharing tools, machines, and resources with your local community makes it affordable to try out a new medium or learn a new skill. Not to mention, once you start hanging around at these places, you begin to meet other crafters and makers in your area with similar interests to yours. It’s a win/win!

For an international directory of tool libraries, click here.

For an international directory of makerspaces, click here.

As always, when it comes time to search for cardstock, you know where to find us: right here.