It’s that time of week – CRAFTING HOUR!

Here in the office, we’ve been setting aside one hour of the week that’s dedicated to absolutely nothing else but crafting. It’s on our shared calendar; we remind people around us throughout the day that we’re unavailable at that time; and once the clock strikes 4pm EST on Friday, we stop what we’re doing and craft for an hour.

Try it! What’s important is that you make a plan and stick to it. You’ll be surprised at how much you accomplish in an hour and how great you’ll feel all week, whether you find more time for crafting or not!

Q: You mean I can only craft for one hour a week?

A: No! Craft as much as you like. But if you have a busy week, with responsibilities piling up, this will be your one hour where crafting is a priority. It’ll keep you on track and help relieve stress.

Q: Does it have to be Friday at 4pm?

A: Of course not. This is just the best time for us. You choose a time that works for you.

Want to really kick Crafting Hour into high gear? Find a fellow crafting friend or two, and commit to the same Crafting Hour over Zoom each week. What a great way to unwind!

Find the materials you need here, and Craft On.™